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FPB Political Balkan Forum

At its inquiring scientific activity and its publication, the employers of PBF apply the respect, defense strengthening of freedom , human rights, impartiality and dependence from state services and institutions, historical truth and scientific objectivity.


The Political Balkan Forum

The Political Balkan Forum , which after words will be mentioned by the discrete title PBF was founded with No 3358 D.S decision of the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki. The activity of PBF apart from being a non profit organization,

Privacy and policy

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The use of this passport

The use of this passport with illegal acts will be condemned and the person who held this passport is liable to the law in each country. The holders of this passport are ambassador of peace and they contribute given to security, stability, peace in all the world,they are indipendent and are liable for their actions before the authority of Balcan Political Forum!